Our Services

Forming Simulation

  • Full Incremental (Multi-Stage) Forming Simulation
    • Checking and Correcting for Splits, Cracks, Wrinkles
    • Thinning and Formability Information
    • Calculation of Forming Forces and Blank Holder Pressure
    • Draw Bead Design and Development
    • Process Development and Validation
    • Suggest Modifications to Geometry, Process Parameters, Etc.
  • Part Feasibility Analysis  (Inverse One-Step and/or Full Incremental)
    • Thinning and Formability Information
    • Identify Splits, Cracks, Wrinkles
    • Blank Shape
    • Forming Tonnage
    • Suggest Modifications to Part Geometry
  • Spring-Back Prediction and Compensation
  • Blank Shape / Trim Development & Optimization
  • Draw Bead Development
  • Stamping Process Troubleshooting
  • Die Face Design
  • Tube Bending

Concept and Process Development & Troubleshooting

  • Die Face, Binder, Addendum Design & Development
    • High Quality CNC Machinable Surfaces

Wide Range of Materials

  • Low Strength Steel (CQ, DQ, DDQ)
  • High Strength Steel (BH, IF, HSLA)
  • Advanced High Strength Steel (Dual Phase, TRIP, Martensitic)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Tailor Welded Blanks
  • Laminates
  • Hot Forming

CAD  Services

  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • 2D to 3D Model Conversion
  • Part / Product Design
  • Tool Surfacing

Finite Element Analysis

  • Structural
  • Vibration
  • Thermal

Tool & Die Design

  • Progressive Die Design
  • 3-D Progressive Die Strip and Process Layouts
  • Transfer and Stage Die Design
  • Transfer and Stage Die Process Layouts

All simulations include:
  • Surfacing of the forming stations
  • Return of blank shape
  • Return of all tooling geometry (NC machinable)
  • PowerPoint reports (Thinning, Forming Limit , etc.)
  • 3D results (Thinning, Forming Limit , etc.) of forming
  • Video results (Thinning, Forming Limit , etc.) of forming
  • Forming Forces
  • Press Tonnage Estimation
Spring-Back Includes:
  • Unlimited iterations to get simulated part in to tolerance
  • Return of all compensated tooling geometry (NC machinable)
Blank-Unfolding Report  which Includes:
  • Blank dimensions
  • Thinning information
  • Forming limit information
  • Material utilization
  • Blank mass
  • Nesting
  • 2D blank geometry as IGES (included)